Test # 202 [19-Jan-2018]

It was
(P) in keeping with my mood
(Q) a soft summer evening
(R) as I walked sedately
(S) in the direction of the new house

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    Geographic Center of the U S Lebanon Kans

    Apparently, Toto, we are in Kansas. That is, if you are searching for the geographic center of the continental United States, which was calculated to be just outside this northern Kansan town, located off U.S. Highway 281. The calculation, which was made in 1918 by the U.S. National Geodetic Survey, has since been contested over questions regarding the model used to locate the center. But most analysts agree that the physical center would have to be within 20 or so miles of the landmark, which is distinguished by a stone display featuring a plaque. The monument was erected in 1940, so the parties have agreed to let it stand, even if its slightly off. That could change, however, if states like Texas, whose governor has made an offhand remark about secession, were to leave the Union. Such a move might force a revision of the geographic center once and for all.

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