Test # 229 [15-Feb-2018]

S1: Widowhood in India used to be specially miserable.
S6: Today nobody looks upon remarriage of widows with disgust or disapproval.

P: There were widows even in ages ranging from five to ten.
Q: A widow was a widow always.
R: However, several communities began to rebel against the illtreatment of widows.
S: She could not marry ugain however tender in age she might be.

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    Durga Puja in China

    In 2004, a group of Indians residing in China came together and organised Durga puja in Shanghai. Since then it has become an yearly affair and has got bigger with active participation from the Indian, expat and the Chinese community. The sculpture of Ma Durga has been brought in from Kumartuli. Every year purohit from India is flown in to perform the puja. Elaborate decoration are done at the venue to give a very distinct look of a pandal interior. Men, women and children turn up in traditional Indian dress at the event. Dhaks are played and Dhunuchi dances are performed. Bhog is served to all guests.The evenings are occupied with community cultural program and performance from visiting overseas artist.The event receives a fair bit of support from personal and corporate sponsors.

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