Test # 237 [23-Feb-2018]

S1: Anything you do that gives you some form of regular exercise will benefit your heart.
S6: But do not push too hard; tune into the warning signals from your body.

P: In fact, never choose an activity just because it is good for you.
Q: By all means work up a good sweat, and even a thirst perhaps.
R: If you can, combine this with enjoyment, then so much' the better.
S: You will soon get bored of it.

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    Rose Day brings cheer to cancer patients

    A blooming red rose amidst wrinkles, balding, bandages and radiation.While jaded older patients battling cancer in some the city hospitals stared vacantly at the rose they had been given on Rose Day, it provided sheer joy to the kids, who were unaware of the disease gnawing into them.Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) on Monday distributed fruits, flowers and their wishes to people suffering from cancer and being treated at radiology, OPD, palliative care units in Manipal Hospital, Kidwai Memorial Hospital, Bangalore Institute of Oncology and the hospice Karunashraya.The fruits and flowers donated by the Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore, had a message attatched to it Hope it makes you feel better to know that we care and was signed personally by donors.

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