Test # 237 [23-Feb-2018]

S1: Anything you do that gives you some form of regular exercise will benefit your heart.
S6: But do not push too hard; tune into the warning signals from your body.

P: In fact, never choose an activity just because it is good for you.
Q: By all means work up a good sweat, and even a thirst perhaps.
R: If you can, combine this with enjoyment, then so much' the better.
S: You will soon get bored of it.

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    Man Of Steel Kal Els suit in a cupboard

    Man Of Steel is another 2013 summer blockbuster which doesn t make a whole lot of sense when you start examining it closely. Case in point, Clark/Kal finding his iconic Superman suit basically lying around in a cupboard aboard an ancient Kryptonian scout ship. Did Jor El make it for him? Had it been there all the time? Why is it so colourful considering Kryptonian s penchant for muted tones? (I like to think that the colonists dressed up in brighter garb back in the day. A bit like how we used to wear ruffs). If it had been waiting for Clark, then the suit was around 18,000 years old. So many questions for you, suit!

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