Test # 306 [03-May-2018]

Customer: Have you had a chance to ________ at my car yet?

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  • Best Valentines Day Gifts

    Fossil Charm Starter Bracelet

    For generations, women have used charm bracelets to document their travels, life experiences, and major life moments. This starter bracelet from Fossil will let her pick and choose her favorite moments in life, and commemorate them with a little charm. We particularly like the camera, Eiffel Tower, and engagement ring charms from Fossil (though be careful handing over that last one if you havent popped the question yet). Looking for similar gift ideas? You could opt for a Pandora starter bracelet and some Pandora charms instead. Pandora arguably has the larger selection of charms, but some women may prefer the style of the Fossil charms. Used your best judgement and pick the style you think shell like best.

    Chourishi Systems