Test # 325 [22-May-2018]

What exercise do you like doing ________ of all?

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    Take the Graduate Record Examinations General or subject test

    Many programs require scores from the GRE to admit you to the graduate school, while others (many liberal arts degrees) will waive this requirement. While most Masters programs only require the general test, which is like an advanced version of the SAT, some Ph.D programs will require that you take the subject test, which is given in several sections, including biology, literature, and other fields. Its a much more difficult test than the generalthe reading list for the Subject test in lit is several hundred authors from a variety of periods. Make sure you take the correct test for the program to which youre applying. Schedule your test early in the application season, to give yourself enough time to retake it, if necessary. The test can be somewhat expensive, more than $100, so start studying now with a goodquality commercial study guide. When you arrive for the test, you can arrange to have your scores sent directly to the graduate programs youll be applying to. This has the advantage of cutting out an extra step in your application process, but also ensures that the school will see your scores, good or bad. If youre worried about your score, arrange to have them sent to you instead.

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