Test # 372 [08-Jul-2018]

It was necessary to telephone ________ enquiries before we could get the number to ring up the railway station.

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    Avoid Christmas Day Arguments

    It happens to the best of us, were enjoying a lovely Christmas dinner, everything is perfect until someone brings up a dreaded conversation and BANG! All hell breaks loose, theres turkey flying left and right, gravy is plastered all over the walls and the inlaws are at each others throats! Okay not quite but you get the idea, Christmas always brings a couple of arguements as well as the celebrations, but it can be avoided. One of the main topics for arguements at Christmas is that of the Christmas dinner, someone mentions dry turkey and thats it, game over; so your best bet is to keep your head down and your mouth chewing, if it is a little dry then just drink some more mulled wine, that way if an arguement does sprout up hopefully youll be too blissfully unaware of what is actually happening. Another key tip I will give you albeit a little too late; listen to your partner, they have been giving you clues about what they want for Christmas for the past 2 months and if you havent taken the hints then come the opening of those presents you could be in for a nasty surprise. On top of all this, one rule trumps them all; the ladies are always right, it doesnt matter how wrong they are, they are absolutely positively correct at that moment in time, and youd better remember that too.

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