Test # 400 [05-Aug-2018]

The business has lost a lot of orders recently and is going through a ________ time.

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    Scorpio in Relationship

    Scorpio ( Oct 23 - Nov 21 )
    Scorpio in Relationship :

    Guess who's in charge here? You've got it, the strong Scorpion, who is not quite ready to be controlled by others. This can make for an interesting relationship dynamic and one very sexy chess game. What the Scorpion wants are sex, love and money from a lover, and the absolute best where all three are concerned. Deep down, though, it's sex and the power it brings which carry the most weight with this libidinous soul. Scorpions are possessed of a steely determination and a strong sense of what is best for them. Thankfully, this often takes into account their partner, and they are quick to be giving with the right lover, and to make their life very easy. As long as the Scorpion wins, there will be harmony in the mating game. The ideal Scorpio soul mate can go twelve rounds anywhere, anytime and preferably in bed.

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