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What her mother and father ________ to most was the endless tittle tattle (gossip) in the village about a young woman working for this hot shot (well known entrepreneur),

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    Gandhi Jayanti Significance

    Mahatma Gandhi was born as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on 2nd October, 1869 in Porbandar, a coastal town in Gujarat. His father, Karamchand Gandhi, belonged to the Hindu Modh community while his mother, Putlibai, came from the Hindu Pranami Vaishnava community. His mother was Karamchand fourth wife, the former three wives died at the time of childbirth. Gandhi attended middle school in Porbandar and high school in Rajkot. He studied law in United Kingdom and went ahead to South Africa to practice as a lawyer. However, he left his practice and returned to India due to his love for his country and to fight for the freedom of his people.Gandhi became a keen political leader and fought for the nation. His characteristic of getting identified separately from the mass made him popular among the Indians and British as well. To express his protests against the tax on salt, he undertook the Salt March from Ahmedabad to Dandi covering a total distance of 388 kilometers.

    He even founded the philosophy of nonviolence (ahimsa) and truth (Satyagraha). Gandhi had a heart of courage and spirit of the unafraid. He had been imprisoned on several accounts during the freedom struggle. Despite the hurdles and difficulties, Gandhi went ahead and played a significant role in making India an independent country. He even announced a fast of 21 days for the cause of Harijans. His Quit India slogan proved a final signal for the British dominion in India. Gandhi teachings and practice are invaluable for the country and are largely used in providing peaceful solutions to problems and in solving current conflicts. Gandhi birthday is celebrated in his remembrance by the whole nation. His high thinking, simple living and strong willpower made him a revered leader of India.

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