Test # 580 [01-Feb-2019]

I only want ________ little sugar in my tea, please.

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  • Rules to play Kickball

    Injury and substitutions

    In cases of injury or illness, a timeout may be requested for participant removal and replacement with a teammate as a substitute. If the participant later returns to play, the participant must be inserted in the same written kicking order position previously held.
    If a player is ejected, injured, or becomes ill and cannot continue, the written kicking order will continue in the same formation, less the removed player. There is no automatic out when the removed players spot in the order is reached.
    Injured players who do not kick shall not play in the game.
    Any player removed from the game for injury or illness must be noted on both team written kicking orders and mentioned to the Head Referee.
    The pitcher and the catcher positions may only be replaced once per inning each, unless injury forces another substitution.
    Only runners who are injured while traveling to a base, and who successfully make it to a base, may be substituted. There are no other allowable runner substitutions. A runner may be substituted no more than twice during the game. Upon the second substitution, the player will be removed from the game and no longer be allowed to participate.

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