Test # 594 [15-Feb-2019]

We bought some apples ________ we extracted the juice.

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    Tournament play

    Section A
    The standard method of NHPA sanctioned tournament play is round robin play with contestants being seeded into classes. Each contestant will play every contestant in the class.
    Section B
    At the end of round robin play, class winners shall be determined by win loss records or ringer percentage. In addition, total points may be used if the scoring was done using the count all method. If ties occur, they shall be settled by playoff, who beat whom or one of the other methods that was not used to determine the winner. The tournament committee shall decide how winners are to be determined and how ties are to be broken and announce these procedures before tournament play begins. If playoff games take place, the method of play and the length of the games shall be decided by the tournament committee.
    Section C
    A contestants ringer percentage shall be determined by dividing the total number of ringers by the total number of shoes pitched. Shoes pitched in playoff games and in extra innings pitched because of tie games shall be included in these totals.
    Section D
    The rules used to seed contestants in all NHPA sanctioned tournaments are found in Articles X XII of the NHPA Bylaws. In addition, rules regarding game length and format and tie breaking situations in State, Regional,National, and World Championship play are found in the same Articles. The NHPA Dress Code for World Tournament play is found in Article X. Its use is encouraged, but not required, for all NHPA sanctioned play.Section E Handicapping Handicapping may be used in open tournaments and league play. The amount of the handicap shall be determined by the tournament committee. Game handicapping shall not be used in any World, National, or Regional Tournament or in the championship class of a designated division of any State Championship Tournament.

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