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    How To Create A Smokey Eye

    Purple has always been one of my favorite colors to use on the eyes. It is the perfect color to wear for fall and winter and just makes my eyes pop! Below is a step by step makeup tutorial on how you can create a great purple smoky eye without even using purple eyeshadow.
    Prep the eyelid with a primer to ensure more vibrant and longer lasting color.
    Apply a shimmery light pink eyeshadow onto the eyelid from the lashline all the way to past the crease.
    Using a dense eyeshadow brush like my newest must have piccasso 239B, define the crease and lashline with a dark blue color.
    Line the upper and lower lashlines with a black pencil.
    Soften the line by smudging the dark blue shadow on top with a small brush.
    Using MAC #226 Small Tapered Blending Brush, blend off harsh edges.
    Add a dab of the pink shadow on the center of the eyelid with a damp brush for an extra pop of color.
    Brush a frosty white shadow under the brow bone to highlight.
    Curl your lashes and coat with black mascara. Apply fake lashes as desired.
    Keep your eyebrows soft by filling them in with a brown brow powder that is lighter than your natural brow color.
    Clean up any eyeshadow fallouts before applying foundation and concealer and you are done.

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