General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

1. Julia chose to spend her holiday in Africa. Her package tour includes walking in the jungle, sailing down the Nile, as well as going on a sightseeing ________ to observe lions, tigers and various types of wildlife.

2. Did you bring ________ you needed for the trip?

3. I'm tired ________ waiting for the bus. Let's take a taxi.

4. An archeological ________ was organized to investigate the remains of the ancient settlement, which had recently been found near the capital.

5. My friend's dog always chases ________ tail.

6. The chocolate chip cookies are on ________ five.

7. The second hotel was different ________ the first.

8. I didn't know you were interested ________ science.

9. We took the kids swimming all morning. Now ________ completely exhausted.

10. My friend doesn't know ________ about her Birthday Party!

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    Ganapati Vivaha (Marriage)

    When Shiva and Parvati decided to have their sons, Kartikeya and Ganesh married, they stipulated that he who circumambulated the earth first would be considered the best deity and would be married first. Kartikeya flew off on his vehicle a peacock. Poor Ganapatis vehicle was a mouse which was no match for a peacock. Being the choicest devotee of God, Parvatiji consoling him showed Ganeshji a simpler and quicker way. She advised him to cicumambulate the cow since she also symbolically represents another earth and he had reap the same benefit as going round the earth. Another reference cites him circumambulating his parents.Consoling him, Parvati showed a short cut.

    She divulged that it was ordained in the scriptures that he who offered pujan to his parents and then circumambulated them received the same merit as he who went around the earth. Ganapati hence married first showing that one who obeys the wish of the choicest devotee of God or his parents attains his desired wishes. Hence Ganeshji is invoked first in all auspicious events, rites and rituals such as marriage, opening ceremonies, groundbreaking ceremonies, yagnas and so on. The Shiva Puran cites another story. Prajapati had two daughters, Siddhi (wealth) and Buddhi (intellect). He approached Parvati and Shivaji for the girls marriage to Kartikeya and Ganeshji. However both girls wished to marry only the latter. Thus they married him. Siddhi gave birth to a son named Shubh (auspiciousness) and Buddhi to Labh (merit). Therefore when businessmen and merchants offer pujan to Ganeshji and Lakshmiji they write Shubh and Labh inside their account ledgers to invoke the two deities.

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