General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

1. If you want to ________ that book remember to bring it back.

2. I always get ________ early in the summer.

3. It didn't take long for the children to ________ off the cakes and pastries that had not been eaten at the party.

4. He ________ off at me again simply because I had forgotten to lock the back door after I came home.

5. They wanted their daughter to improve her social skills and sent her to the famous ________ school in Switzerland.

6. I read the ________ of that book but I couldn't possibly read the whole story.

7. After the children had ________ doing their homework, the whole family watched television.

8. To most people it seemed like a long and successful relationship and so it was a great surprise to learn that they had ________ with each other.

9. I would greatly appreciate it if you didn't ________ up that old argument again.

10. I ________ to the concert every Monday on the radio and I imagine I am there listening to it in person.

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    Riding across a road at a crossing

    Crossings include

    pedestrian crossings zebra crossings
    childrens crossings.
    signalised pedestrian crossing.
    You can ride across pedestrian crossings situated at traffic lights if you.
    proceed slowly and safely.
    give way to any pedestrian on the crossing.
    keep to the left of any oncoming bicycle rider.
    You can ride across a zebra crossing or childrens crossing as long as you come to a complete stop first, and then.
    proceed slowly and safely.
    give way to any pedestrian on the crossing.
    keep to the left of any oncoming cyclists.

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