General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

1. We ________ off early on the first day of summer so that we could see the sun rise.

2. When you first meet someone, you usually shake them ________ the hand.

3. I'm terribly sorry but I ________ what you said just now and I wonder if you could repeat it.

4. I ________ to the concert every Monday on the radio and I imagine I am there listening to it in person.

5. My car very rarely ________ first time when the weather is really cold.

6. I won a lot of money by betting on that horse but it was simply a case of ________ luck.

7. He ________ off at me again simply because I had forgotten to lock the back door after I came home.

8. As far as I was concerned when the accident happened, it was the ________ of the end.

9. I can't ________ to understand why anyone would want to be cruel to animals.

10. He thought they would all share the cost of the meal but unfortunately he ________ up paying for everybody.

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    Score of disks

    The triangular scoring area in outdoor shuffleboard is divided into 6 sections; a disk must be entirely inside one of these sections to score points. A disk in the apex of the triangle scores 10 points, a disk in either of the 2 areas behind the apex scores 8 points, and a disk in either of the 2 areas behind the 8 point areas scores 7 points. A disk that lands in the 10 off section deducts 10 points from the score of the player or team who owns the disk.Unlike table shuffleboard, outdoor shuffleboard assesses penalties for rules infractions. A disk that touches the 10 off area line before being played costs a player 5 points; if it touches one of the triangles sides, the penalty is instead 10 points. Ten point penalties are also assessed for the players body crossing the baseline while playing or shooting an opponents disk. Illegally played disks are removed from the court, and any of the opponents disks displaced by an illegally played disks are given back to the opponent to replay.

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