General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

1. Mike: 'It's amazing when you learn what technology can do, isn't it?' Jane: ________

2. Mike: 'Guess how much income tax I pay.' Jane: ________

3. Mike: 'I hope I haven't left it too late to apply.' Jane: ________

4. Jill: 'I hope nobody minds if I leave early.' Frank: ________

5. Mike: 'I could give you a lift to the station.' Jane: ________

6. John: 'We'd like to give you this small present to show our gratitude.' Sue: ________

7. Mike: 'If the party wins the next by-election, things might get better.' Jane: ________

8. Jill: 'I'm afraid I've just broken the handle.' Frank: ________

9. Mike: 'I bet you don't know what happened at the party?' Jane: ________

10. Mike: 'You just can't believe what they'll think up next, can you?' Jane: ________

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