General English Questions and Answers

1. There will naturally be ________ in the various sections of the community as to the benefits or disadvantages of losing the little store.

2. This is all very disappointing for the ________ house buyer who doesn't really know what's going to happen next and how much the interest rate will be.

3. Invariably if interest rates go up, the building societies pay more to their savers and borrowers complain at the increase they have to pay and maintain the societies are ________ their affairs.

4. Teaching someone to drive is one of the ________ experiences you can have.

5. Inquiries are held which seem to go on forever and you only wish that the procedure could be ________ .

6. Then the final result is announced that there is to be a ________ between EASISHOP and GOSHOP, which will then become a super supermarket.

7. Whenever there is a meeting between the finance minister and the governor of the bank, people start asking questions and rumours ________ .

8. Our poor potential buyer reads the papers, watches the television news and gets excited at the prospect of another meeting of the financiers but in the end nothing of ________ comes of it all.

9. The confused customer is now in a terrible ________ because in the old days there was just one brand of butter to buy and now there is a choice of 24.

10. When you tell the inhabitants of a small village that the little local store is going to close, many will express ________ .

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