General English Questions and Answers

1. You sit in the passenger seat and ________ your learner to do what you would normally do.

2. Big discussions take place in the area as to whether a supermarket will come to the area and waiting for the outcome can be quite ________ for the small shop owner.

3. Inquiries are held which seem to go on forever and you only wish that the procedure could be ________ .

4. At last Mathew decided to speak ________ for himself and tell the truth.

5. Headlines appeared maintaining that Mathew was a dishonest ________ thief.

6. Building Societies currently find themselves in a ________ situation because they try to please the savers and also the borrowers and yet one group is always going to lose.

7. Whenever there is a meeting between the finance minister and the governor of the bank, people start asking questions and rumours ________ .

8. The only ________ to me is as they were successful on the first attempt, how come some years before it had taken me four tries!

9. Protest meetings are held but invariably they end in a ________ because they are not organized properly.

10. The confused customer is now in a terrible ________ because in the old days there was just one brand of butter to buy and now there is a choice of 24.

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    three equal horizontal bands of red (top), white, and black; two small, green, five-pointed stars in a horizontal line centered in the white band; the band colors derive from the Arab Liberation flag and represent oppression (black), overcome through bloody struggle (red), to be replaced by a bright future (white); identical to the former flag of the United Arab Republic (1958-1961) where the two stars represented the constituent states of Syria and Egypt; the current design dates to 1980

    similar to the flag of Yemen, which has a plain white band, Iraq, which has an Arabic inscription centered in the white band, and that of Egypt, which has a gold Eagle of Saladin centered in the white band

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