General English Questions and Answers

1. If you ask someone for their ________ on supermarkets as opposed to the small corner shop, you will get varying replies.

2. The government next announces that measures are due to come into ________ that will change the whole process.

3. When you tell the inhabitants of a small village that the little local store is going to close, many will express ________ .

4. The situation is more ________ if the learner is a member of your family.

5. If this relative is also your wife, then things become even more disastrous because it could end in ________ .

6. This is all very disappointing for the ________ house buyer who doesn't really know what's going to happen next and how much the interest rate will be.

7. The problem is that if your learner doesn't understand, you can both end up in the ________ .

8. There was even talk that incidents like this one could ________ the Government.

9. You sit in the passenger seat and ________ your learner to do what you would normally do.

10. The secret of being a good driving teacher is never on any occasion to lose your temper or your ________ .

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  • Electricity

    Electric power

    Electric power is the rate at which electric energy is transferred by an electric circuit. The SI unit of power is the watt, one joule per second.
    Electric power, like mechanical power, is the rate of doing work, measured in watts, and represented by the letter P. The term wattage is used colloquially to mean electric power in watts. The electric power in watts produced by an electric current I consisting of a charge of Q coulombs every t seconds passing through an electric potential voltage difference of V is
    P = text{work done per unit time} = frac {QV}{t} = IV ,
    Q is electric charge in coulombs
    t is time in seconds
    I is electric current in amperes
    V is electric potential or voltage in volts
    Electricity generation is often done with electric generators, but can also be supplied by chemical sources such as electric batteries or by other means from a wide variety of sources of energy. Electric power is generally supplied to businesses and homes by the electric power industry. Electricity is usually sold by the kilowatt hour 3.6 MJ which is the product of power in kilowatts multiplied by running time in hours. Electric utilities measure power using electricity meters, which keep a running total of the electric energy delivered to a customer.

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