General English Questions and Answers

1. Some people are ________ to learn a foreign language.

2. Going on a spending ________ with your credit card and no concern about how you pay back the money you borrow, is a growing habit these days.

3. Plans have already been drawn ________ to deal with such situations.

4. There are frequently ________ in the family home between parents and children about whether you should enter into credit agreements.

5. The report is ________ to show better than expected results.

6. This is a ________ example of what not to do.

7. The more the authorities try to conceal what is happening, the more it fuels ________ about what might be happening.

8. By then of course it was too late because the damage had already been done to his career, which ________ everything else he did for the rest of his life.

9. The person in charge of the enquiry will occasionally ________ what can be disclosed in newspapers.

10. In reality it's a very long ________ to get from owing to paying off all your debts.

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  • Rules to play Equestrianism

    Responsibilities of spectators

    Spectators attend equestrian events for their own pleasure, and cannot be denied the right to express their own feelings. Nonetheless, basic fairness should dissuade them from attempting to influence the performances of the horses or the decisions of the judges. Audiences should carefully avoid acts that might upset the horses, such as untimely movement, applause or flash photography, especially in venues that bring them into close proximity to the competitors.

    Though it is easy to more or less ignore the spectators and let them fend for themselves, it is important for them to be provided with program material and commentaries that help them not only to understand what is going on, but also to appreciate the skill and sportsmanship of all the competitors, and to applaud even if their hero or favourite team is not winning. Every time the spectators are neglected, a precious opportunity to invest in the future of the sport has been lost, no matter how well everything else has been handled.

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