General English Questions and Answers

1. Once this disclosure is ________ it's the job of the journalist to follow it through to a satisfactory conclusion.

2. Sometimes a journalist will get hold of sensitive information knowing that he will get ________ by government agencies if he dares reveal it.

3. One solution that has been suggested to control credit is to ________ the regulations to make it more difficult to get credit in the first place.

4. His agent spent a lot of time ________ the press on his background in the hope that they would present a balanced view.

5. People tended not to believe a word he said and maintained that his protestations of innocence were wearing a bit ________ .

6. Journalists however love to get hold of a story somehow but they run the risk of facing a ________ if they break the official secrects act.

7. Going on a spending ________ with your credit card and no concern about how you pay back the money you borrow, is a growing habit these days.

8. It has been ________ by a government agency that the percentage of under 25 year olds owing large sums to companies is on the increase.

9. Gradually however as the days went by even his greatest supporters were beginning to ________ him.

10. The report is ________ to show better than expected results.

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