General English Questions and Answers

1. I really think you should make an effort and apply for that job and at least ________ a crack at it.

2. We all set out together early in the morning in different cars but ours broke down and nobody bothered to look for us so we were left ________ and dry.

3. If the managers want to stay employed, they will have to learn how to stay on ________ of their jobs.

4. There was a terrible storm on the night we first stayed at the campsite but we were all right with our tent and were as dry as a ________ .

5. They spent a huge amount of time and money to deal with that small problem and it's like taking a sledgehammer to crack a ________ .

6. Concern was expressed by the office manager that the company would buy an ________ financial package.

7. As a result of the very long heat wave last summer many of the rivers have now completely dried ________ .

8. It's a long way we have to travel tomorrow so we must get up very early in the morning at the crack of ________ .

9. It was one of those scenes that made you want to cry your eyes out and I do believe there wasn't a dry ________ in the theatre.

10. The new office manager will be in ________ of all the IT requirements that the company uses.

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