General English Questions and Answers

1. It is essential to have air ________ in your car when you drive in a hot climate.

2. Try to ________ a native speaker to talk to you so that you can record the conversation.

3. Voters find it difficult to believe politicians because the latter use so many ________ doctors.

4. The ordinary person is again being asked to ________ to pay for dental treatment.

5. At the end of the speech the whole assembly gave the speakers a standing ________ .

6. You should always check the sell ________ date of things you buy in the supermarket.

7. I have no wish to have any ________ with a firm like that.

8. Credit card holders struggle very hard to ________ the amount they owe.

9. When the building was completed, all the workers were paid ________ .

10. I was totally ________ of the increased taxes.

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  • Guglielmo Marconi


    Born 25 April 1874
    Died 20 July 1937 (heart failure)
    Birthplace Bologna, Italy
    Best known as Italian pioneer of wireless telegraphy
    Guglielmo Marconi was an IrishItalian inventor and entrepreneur who popularized wireless telegraphy early in the 20th century. One of the founding fathers of radio communication, Marconi got interested in 1894 in the electromagnetic wave experiments by H. R. Hertz. Working at his fathers estate, Marconi devised a working receiver and in 1895 sent and received radio waves over greater and greater distances. When the Italian government showed little interest in his operation, Marconi went to England, where he founded his own wireless telegraph company in 1897. He was awarded a patent for tuned or syntonic telegraphy (patent no. 7777) and set about proving that wireless telegraphy could be a benefit to society as well as a profitable enterprise. By 1902 Marconi had established that wireless communication was possible even across the Atlantic Ocean, even though his claim of the first successful transatlantic signal (from England to Newfoundland, December of 1901) was never independently verified. For patents in the U.S., Marconi was in competition with Nikola Tesla, who held the first patents until the United States Patent Office reversed itself in 1904 and gave Marconi credit for the radio. Marconi was from a wellconnected family (his mother, Anne Jameson, was the granddaughter of the founder of the distillery that makes Jameson Irish whiskey) and was able to develop and finance an expansion of his businesses. During the first part of the 1900s his company patented several inventions, including what became the standard wireless receiver for many years. Marconi got rich and in 1909 shared the Nobel Prize for Physics (with Karl Ferdinand Braun).

    An Italian patriot, Marconi served in the armed forces during World War I and directed Italys radio service; after the war he was an Italian delegate to the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. During the 1920s he devoted his attention to short wave (microwave) communications (often working aboard his yacht Elettra) and became an active supporter and, later, member of Benito Mussolinis fascist government. Marconi was made a noble with the rank of marchese in 1929 and was given a state funeral after his death in 1937.

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