General English Questions and Answers

1. All the reporters of the war were issued ________ bulletproof jackets to give them better protection.

2. In view of the way things have improved I now feel confident enough to have another bite at the ________ .

3. Before we knew what had happened we had left our ________ village behind and were in the middle of the big city.

4. As one of our party was over 60 she was ________ to a reduction in the price of the ticket.

5. It was necessary to telephone ________ enquiries before we could get the number to ring up the railway station.

6. As far as I'm concerned his explanation was useless as it merely ________ the issue.

7. I agree in general with what you have said but I'm not happy about one point and I must ________ issue with you over that.

8. The decision was finally taken that appointments should be based purely and simply on ________ .

9. He may seem very angry but don't worry his ________ is worse than his bite.

10. The police are very keen to talk to one particular man and have issued a ________ of him.

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