General English Questions and Answers

1. If I were you I would certainly accept the offer. If you ask for any more you're just ________ your luck.

2. She always seems to come out of any crisis unharmed and I'm convinced she was born under a lucky ________ .

3. Last week they ________ it very lucky because they managed to win the lottery.

4. The success of our website is due to the fact that customers can ________ different prices for the same article.

5. The whole event seemed very unnatural and had clearly been stage ________ appeal to the voters before the election.

6. You really couldn't blame anyone for the accident because it was just a case of ________ luck.

7. We've now ________ the stage where it's time to make our minds up.

8. He just couldn't make up his mind which to choose and so in the end he decided to take ________ luck.

9. From childhood she has been stage ________ and was delighted when she got her first major part in the play at the national theatre.

10. After a lot of discussion we decided to hire a professional to ________ us.

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    Edith Cavell

    Belgiums Nursing Pioneer & Nurse Hero (1965 to 1915) Edith Louisa Cavell served the Red Cross in the face of death during World War II. Cavell, a British nurse was matron of the Brussels Berkendael Institute, which was then converted into Red Cross hospital, when Central member country Germany invaded Belgium. Her duty was to care for patients, regardless of their nationality, not looking into whether they were from the Central or Allied Forces. But her patriotism, which became more evident in carrying on her duty led to her apparent death. During her trial, Edith Cavell admitted of helping 200 soldiers, whom she thought were still capable of reuniting with the Allied forces to fight. Wounded Allied soldiers were treated and helped escape to the neutral Holland, along with other non wounded men. Only a tattered postcard sent as sign of gratitude by a British soldier, and her confession, served as evidence against Cavell. At the dawn of October 12, 1915, Edith Cavell, still in her nursing uniform, and an aide named Philippe Baucg were executed through firing squad at the outskirts of Brussels for treason.

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