General English Questions and Answers

1. You sometimes have to ________ very seriously whether to buy a second hand car which has no guarantee.

2. Although technically his judgement was not according to the ________ of the law, most people thought the judge was right to let the man go free.

3. We're going to the college tonight to hear Professor Kent ________ a paper on language learning on the net.

4. They came straight out with their complaint ________ no bones about it whatsoever.

5. Not that it has happened yet but the age of the computer was meant to introduce the idea of the paper________ office.

6. They have no respect for modern conventions and do exactly what they want they are a law ________ themselves.

7. You can hear everything that's going on next door because the walls are paper ________ .

8. In London in any underground station it is ________ the law to smoke.

9. I get the impression sometimes that she thinks she can never do anything wrong almost as if she is ________ the law.

10. All governments want people to live in peace and comfort and so they try to promote a sense of law and ________ .

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    Action in the air and landing

    There are three major flight techniques for the long jump the hang, the sail, and the hitchkick. Each technique is to combat the forward rotation experienced from takeoff but is basically down to preference from the athlete. It is important to note that once the body is airborne, there is nothing that the athlete can do to change the direction they are traveling and consequently where they are going to land in the pit. However, it can be argued that certain techniques influence an athletes landing, which can have an impact on distance measured. For example, if an athlete lands feet first but falls back because they are not correctly balanced, a lower distance will be measured. In the 1970s some jumpers did a forward somersault, that was subsequently made illegal.

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