General English Questions and Answers

1. Her parents are very strict and frequently ________ down the law about the way she behaves.

2. We're going to the college tonight to hear Professor Kent ________ a paper on language learning on the net.

3. A warranty is to be looked on as a sort of ________ between the manufacturer and you.

4. After the first revolution the dictator no longer had much control and became just a paper ________ .

5. Although technically his judgement was not according to the ________ of the law, most people thought the judge was right to let the man go free.

6. I regret to inform you that as your guarantee ________ last week, we can't help you.

7. Her children were very ungrateful for all she'd done for them as she had really worked her ________ to the bone for them.

8. In that particular industry everyone has to look after themselves because the law of the ________ rules.

9. I can't see the point of trying to settle the dispute between those two institutions because you'll just be papering over the ________ .

10. You will find that such warranties are not worth buying because the cover provided is ________ not worth the extra expense.

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    Stage 2 Caterpillar

    The second stage is the caterpillar. A caterpillar is sometimes called larve. A caterpillar is a long creature. It looks like a worm. Most caterpillars have a cool pattern. This pattern has stripes or patches. The caterpillar is hungry once it has hatched. It starts to eat leaves and flowers. It eats these all the time. It first eats the leaf that it was born on. This is the eating and growing stage.A caterpillar grows really fast. This is because they eat a lot. A caterpillar is really small when it is born. It starts to grow fast. This is because it eats all the time. It grows so fast that it becomes too big for its skin. So the caterpillar has to shed its old skin. It then gets new skin. Caterpillars shed their skin four or more times while they are growing. A caterpillar shedding its outgrown skin is called molting.Caterpillars do not stay in this stage very long. While they are in this stage, all they do is eat.

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