General English Questions and Answers

1. The whole look of the shop front is ________ by the introduction of bright colours.

2. As we have enough money in our present budget, we are happy to launch this new product in the nature of an ________ .

3. A ________ approach to new ideas is to be welcomed but you do need a strong element of imagination as well.

4. We can offer you a salary that will be ________ with the duties and responsibilities that the job demands.

5. At the moment the company is doing an extensive advertising campaign with a view to ________ new staff.

6. In view of the excessive workload you have at the moment I won't expect you to keep ________ during the next few days.

7. The pace of change in that industry is so fast that staff find it hard to ________ the latest developments.

8. I think that you've chosen a very good area of work to seek employment in because I've heard that jobs are ________ there.

9. Interviewing applicants for an important job can be a very time ________ process but it's worth it in the end.

10. Inspiration has its place in any form of product development but at the same time you also need to adopt some kind of ________ approach.

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