General English Questions and Answers

1. These pots are being sold as seconds because each one has a slight ________ in the glaze.

2. It is the policy of the company to ________ all interviews for new recruits with a member of the trade union present.

3. The job of the ________ of this particular section is to train the members to deal politely with any complaints from the public.

4. It is absolutely essential to do some thorough ________ before you even think of putting a new product on the market.

5. This is the department for children's clothes and each ________ is marked with the recommended age range.

6. We would definitely like to ________ the proposal you have presented to us with a view to including it in our current range of products.

7. If for any reason customers do not like the item they have bought, they always ________ and get a refund.

8. The company insists that all their products are ________ in respect of their quality, specification and look.

9. Inspiration has its place in any form of product development but at the same time you also need to adopt some kind of ________ approach.

10. A ________ approach to new ideas is to be welcomed but you do need a strong element of imagination as well.

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