General English Questions and Answers

1. As the couple had a ________ account, the money to pay the mortage was taken from there.

2. The representative of the financial consultants assured her that the policy of the firm was that of complete ________ .

3. There is one date you mustn't forget and that's the ________ for sending in details of your earnings to the tax office.

4. He ________ a fast one at the entrance because he handed over 4 tickets although there were 5 of them entering the exhibition.

5. There is no question that the most important ________ in that company is its youthful enthusiasm.

6. He's one of the ________ rich quick fraternity who believe in making money as quickly as possible.

7. Under the rules laid down by the bank there is a ________ on the amount of money you can get out from a cash machine in any one day.

8. He just couldn't play fast and ________ with his employees any longer simply because they never knew where he was.

9. The question is whether it is ________ to sell up all your shares at this stage rather than wait to see how the market is next year.

10. All the ________ you make on your internet account are recorded so that you can check the details at any time.

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