General English Questions and Answers

1. The best way to develop an income for the future is to invest in a series of companies and in that way to build up a ________ .

2. In the tax office there will be a ________ that holds all the documents and papers connected with you.

3. If the department agrees that you have paid too much tax in the year, you will receive a ________ in due course.

4. Even after their recent heavy expenses, they still found there was a healthy ________ in their bank account.

5. There is one date you mustn't forget and that's the ________ for sending in details of your earnings to the tax office.

6. Before they could borrow a large sum of money to buy the house, they had to make sure they had enough money to be able to make a ________ payment.

7. Since he left the army, he misses the excitement and danger and still wants to live life in the fast ________ .

8. As all advisers always do, she stressed that investing in this particular market had to be considered as a ________ commitment over at least 10 years.

9. As a child he had no problems learning foreign languages mainly because he was very quick on the ________ .

10. There is quite a heavy financial ________ attached to any action that involves late payment of taxes.

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