General English Questions and Answers

1. It was considered a very good time to apply for a ________ to buy the house because interest rates were very low.

2. The bank clerk at the counter did not know the customer and in view of the large amount of money involved was naturally ________ about paying out the sum on the cheque.

3. There is no need to worry about the money side of the project because ________ are available from the charity sponsoring us.

4. The bank will simply not let you ________ any money unless you can prove that you have been in regular employment for at least three years.

5. Since he left the army, he misses the excitement and danger and still wants to live life in the fast ________ .

6. There is no question that the most important ________ in that company is its youthful enthusiasm.

7. There is quite a heavy financial ________ attached to any action that involves late payment of taxes.

8. In the tax office there will be a ________ that holds all the documents and papers connected with you.

9. The question is whether it is ________ to sell up all your shares at this stage rather than wait to see how the market is next year.

10. He's one of the ________ rich quick fraternity who believe in making money as quickly as possible.

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