General English Questions and Answers

1. When you see that particular symbol on the screen, you have to take that as a ________ that something is wrong.

2. We're not living here for good but just for the time ________ .

3. Shortly after the couple had bought their first house, they saw the number of bills ________ rapidly.

4. When the time came to close the business down, its entire ________ had to be calculated so that the creditors could be paid off.

5. Without the right software I'm afraid you can't ________ that particular program.

6. There's no need to worry, we shall get to the station long before the train leaves as we have ________ of time.

7. Each department within the organisation is given a ________ within which it has to remain for the whole year.

8. You can tell she has hit the ________ time because of the huge car she drives.

9. The railways system is very efficient as the trains always arrive ________ time.

10. The building society sent a letter to all its savers and ________ that there would be a reduction in the interest rate.

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