General English Questions and Answers

1. The aim of the office manager is to ________ enough room on the building plans so that each employee can have space for a personal computer.

2. The parcel eventually arrived six weeks later, and not ________ time!

3. His invention showed that he understood what was going to happen in the future and proved he was ________ of his time.

4. I told him time and ________ not to do it but he takes no notice.

5. It was a great relief to Charlie when he realized that he had come to the end of his agreement with the bank and there was only one ________ payment left.

6. Without the right software I'm afraid you can't ________ that particular program.

7. When you see that particular symbol on the screen, you have to take that as a ________ that something is wrong.

8. You can tell she has hit the ________ time because of the huge car she drives.

9. The concert doesn't start at least an hour and so we have time to ________ .

10. The company fell heavily into ________ when it took on too many customers and offered them all cheap warranties.

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