General English Questions and Answers

1. I prefer to deal in ________ cash rather than cheques.

2. You have to ________ the public that it is in their own interest to read the instructions on all our medicines.

3. The ________ of alcohol is not allowed in any of the company's premises in order to present a clean image.

4. It's useful when you go to an auction if you're ready with cash in ________ .

5. ________ on the stockmarket just before Christmas is usually very slow.

6. The ________ in the market was seen as a positive sign that the recession was over.

7. When you are setting out to ________ new customers in an advertisement, choose the right words.

8. We got there early so that we could get the best ________ in the sale before anyone else.

9. There doesn't seem to be anyone working really hard for the business and yet they all seem to earn ________ money.

10. Whenever I go to the old part of a city, I like to ________ all the shops selling antiques.

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    Each match is controlled by two umpires. Each umpire controls half of the pitch and works cooperatively in the middle part of the pitch.
    For bad or repeated offences by players, an umpire can show them a card. A green card is a warning. A yellow card means the player is suspended from the game for a minimum of 5 minutes or the time the umpire decides depending on the nature of the offence. A red card is for a very serious offence and means the player is suspended for the remainder of the match. If a player is suspended temporarily or permanently, their team plays with fewer players.
    t world level competitions where the facilities are available, a team playing or the umpires themselves can refer a decision to the video umpire who can use slow motion replays to advise the umpires on the pitch of the correct decision.

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