General English Questions and Answers

1. There is a lengthy procedure used in this office for staff who have produced shoddy work and it begins with a ________ warning.

2. I was asked how many tests I would write and I said the sky's the ________ in other words as many as possible.

3. Managers prefer to select people who have been ________ to many different types of office environments.

4. They really need to keep a check on the stationery supplies as they've run ________ A4 paper once again.

5. Question: What do they call those huge buildings in New York? Answer: They're called sky________ .

6. A troubleshooter was brought into the office from another firm to get rid of some very ________ procedures.

7. Although this antique clock hasn't been working for ages now it looks to me that its big hand is ________ from time to time.

8. All of a sudden the teacher felt dizzy, he ________ for a second and fell down.

9. The ________ of staff doing physical exercises before the start of the day is well established in Japanese companies.

10. It may seem a long way into the future but in the end you will get some ________ from your investment.

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    Any jarring, sliding, or lifting of the table shall be illegal. Whether or not the table jarring is done intentionally is of no consequence. This call must be made by an official. It is not necessary for a player to lose the ball for jarring to be called on his opponent. The penalty for violation of this rule: First offense the opposing team has the option of continuing play from the current position, continuing play from the point of infraction, or re serving the ball. If an illegal jar causes the player to lose possession of the ball from a rod, play may be continued from that rod. Subsequent violations Technical foul. After the technical shot the non offending team continues to have the options listed under First Offense. Touching or coming into contact with your opponents rods in any way shall be penalized exactly like jarring, sliding, or lifting. Jarring of the table may be called even if the ball is not in play. In particular, slamming the rod after the shot may be considered jarring.

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