General English Questions and Answers

1. The sailor came out of the pub so drunk that he ________ all the way to the ship.

2. If you cannot get a job and remain ________ for a long period, you can claim some money from the state.

3. Managers prefer to select people who have been ________ to many different types of office environments.

4. The heavily loaded wagon ________ along the old cobbled road.

5. It's a very pale version of the colour and that's why it's called sky________ .

6. The ________ of staff doing physical exercises before the start of the day is well established in Japanese companies.

7. There is a substantial ________ between the money you have available and the amount you need to spend.

8. Having attended the office procedures course all employees were expected to ________ what they had learned and introduce it into their daily routine.

9. It may seem a long way into the future but in the end you will get some ________ from your investment.

10. Her boss thought she was wonderful and always ________ her to the skies.

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