General English Questions and Answers

1. ________ pay is what an employee earns before deductions.

2. If the wind doesn't ________ to the west, it will be impossible for the cyclists to make it to the finish.

3. 'Do you like tomatoes?'shouted one of the tractor drivers. Henry ________ for a moment and then replied: 'Yes, I like them very much.'

4. John finds it hard to find a permanent job; he's been ________ from one job to another for as long as I can remember.

5. The crowd remained good-natured for the first part of his speech and Henry was feeling pleased with himself. And then, ________ half a dozen tractors roared onto the field.

6. The customary manner in which a business analyzes and records its ________ is by first entering them into a journal.

7. An ________ check is one that you have written and deducted from your checkbook balance but has not yet cleared the bank.

8. You record how much each of your employees should be paid in the ________ account.

9. This is my favourite dress but since I've lost a lot of weight it needs to be ________ before I put it on.

10. Harris: Oh, dear! I'm afraid there's been a misunderstanding. I didn't have time to finish my sentence. You see, I ________ some farmers planning to break up your meeting.Henry: I don't see what all this has got to do with a bomb.Harris: Well, if we hadn't been cut off I was going to warn you about a bombardment of tomatoes!

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