General English Questions and Answers

1. The customary manner in which a business analyzes and records its ________ is by first entering them into a journal.

2. Books are all closed at the end of an accounting period. A more common term for an accounting period is a ________ period.

3. An employee who is paid on ________ receives the same pay each pay period no matter how many hours they work.

4. An ________ check is one that you have written and deducted from your checkbook balance but has not yet cleared the bank.

5. This is my favourite dress but since I've lost a lot of weight it needs to be ________ before I put it on.

6. 'Well, we can't sell them at a profit,'said the tractor driver, 'because the imported ones are too cheap. So instead of letting them go to ________ you can have them!'

7. ________ accounts are accounts for your sources of business-generated income.

8. The manager decided to ________ the terms of our agreement.

9. The crowd remained good-natured for the first part of his speech and Henry was feeling pleased with himself. And then, ________ half a dozen tractors roared onto the field.

10. After supper, Henry and his family went home. Later that evening the phone rang.Man's voice: Oh, Mr. Orpington. I've been trying to reach you all day. This is Paul Harris. I called you this morning but I was cut off. It was a bad line or something.Henry: Well, what about the bomb?Harris: The bomb? What on ________ do you mean?Henry: That's what I'd like to know. You said, I want to warn you about a bomb.

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