General English Questions and Answers

1. Jospeph said he would accept the agreement only on the condition that the manager would ________ his office position.

2. If I see him, I swear I will ________ him for what he has done.

3. The man was very worried about his wife being so late and he was ________ nervously up and down the sitting-room.

4. Jacob called the police and the emergency, because his neighbour ________ his wife black and blue.

5. Mary is a very calm and patient mother but lately she often ________ her naughty son.

6. Mary: The one that sounds very grand because it in a way ________ the fact that it means money and that's the wherewithal.

7. The soldiers were exhausted and they finally ________ the city to the enemy.

8. The naughty boy ________ the hedge to frighten the horses.

9. She heard his feet ________ on the thick carpet upstairs.

10. Mr Willow is the eldest in the family but no one ever listens to him. Every time he wants to get attention, he has to ________ the table a heavy blow.

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