General English Questions and Answers

1. There was a large crowd in the field when Henry arrived at eight o'clock for what was perhaps the biggest meeting of the ________ campaign. After a hard day's work, hundreds of farmers and farm labourers had come to the field to hear what Henry had to say.

2. I haven't done this and you are making a terrible ________ in suspecting me.

3. After the speech he shook hands with some of the women. One of them lifted up a baby for him to kiss, but the ________ of Henry's beard must have frightened it because it began to scream its head off.

4. Vera: Now I hope you can see the danger of getting mixed up in politics. You and the family will probably ________ get blown up by a bomb.Henry: Don't exaggerate, Vera. I'm sure it's just a joke.

5. This deserted ship was used by ________ many years ago. They stored here the goods they had taken illegally from one country to another.

6. At eleven o'clock he ________ a brief visit to a public house on the estate. Henry couldn't offer to buy anyone a drink because he knew very well that his opponents would consider that to be dishonest. So he let one of his supporters buy him a drink instead.

7. I have been made ________ because my work here is no longer needed.

8. Don't even think of shifting the blame on me, please! It's not my ________ for what happened.

9. If I were you I wouldn't buy this old house because it's not safe against .________ Anyone could easily break through these old wooden doors.

10. Without her glasses she made a ________ and filled in the wrong form.

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