General English Questions and Answers

1. The accident was due to the ________ of the driver.

2. This is a new store and there are cameras all over the place to watch for ________ .

3. Henry Orpington's first ________ that day was an open-air meeting on a large housing estate at ten o'clock.

4. Elizabeth realized that it had been a ________ to take her daughter to the house where her father was killed some years before.

5. I have been made ________ because my work here is no longer needed.

6. It was quite clear they didn't want me because I was told not to ________ to come back to work tomorrow.

7. Henry: Ladies and gentlemen, I appreciate the anxiety you must all feel about support for your farms. I too have been a farmer and I know the difficulties you are experiencing, and so...Voice from the crowd: ... and so you've decided to become an M.P. and get rich!Henry: No, my friend. I want to give the farmers a ________ in the House of Commons.

8. They told me to go because I was said to be ________ to requirements.

9. My job has gone because my boss has ________ me.

10. There was very little reaction to Henry's speech, except from one or two people at the back who kept on asking what Henry's party intended to do about the ________ price of fruit and vegetables.

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