General English Questions and Answers

1. She likes to take the opposite point of view and play the devil's ________ .

2. Many people have been made redundant in the takeover and those who joined last were the first to go. The principle of devil take the ________ applied.

3. Although all the athletes were full of life at the start of the marathon, towards the end of the race a few were showing signs of tiredness and were clearly ________ .

4. The work has to be done as we have no choice. As they say, needs must when the devil ________ .

5. Although her boss knew that she was not telling the truth, her explanations for being late were always so reasonable and totally ________ that he believed her.

6. The police not only arrested the leader of the gang but also the ________ who had helped him.

7. He found himself at the edge of the cliff in a ________ position because one wrong step and he would fall into the sea.

8. Feel free to visit anything of interest to you in the exhibition and also you can ________ of any of the refreshments available.

9. Many of the people in the crowd were visibly crying because they all ________ with those who had lost relatives in the disaster.

10. Some of Shakespeare's historical plays are rather long and so there are editions where they are ________ to make them shorter.

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