General English Questions and Answers

1. More colloquial expressions speak of someone being out like a light, spark out or for a very ________ sleeper dead to the world

2. The local residents in this seaside village are very worried about the constant erosion of the cliff face, which is in ________ of falling into the sea.

3. Although the bank had turned down his application twice, they suddenly had a change of heart and decided to ________ to his request for a loan.

4. Some people who have been made redundant make no further effort to get employment in complete ________ to those who decide to retrain.

5. The new company decided not to copy their predecessors but ________ their structure after the latest trends in business.

6. You must think big in this business and not just think short ________ but what you hope to do in ten years'time.

7. Under the new regulations no one is allowed to smoke inside the building but you are ________ to smoke outside.

8. but just assuming you are ________ awake and in the land of the living

9. In the hope of finding fresh ideas he used the internet to help him by using as many search ________ as he could discover.

10. and most seem to ________ to deep sleep like being sound asleep or fast asleep

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  • Homeopathy


    Dioscorea villosa
    Wild yam, colic root.

    Key Uses:
  • Neuralgic and colicky pains, especially in the gastrointestinal system
  • Renal colic, in men, associated with kidney stones, sharp pains radiating down the testicles and legs, and cold, clammy perspiration

    Origin : Native to North and Central America.

    Background : A traditional Aztec remedy for pain, wild yam was commonly used in Central America for colic and menstrual pain. It was also used in the production of the first contraceptive pill.

    Preparation : The fresh root is dug up after the plant has flowered. It is then chopped and macerated in alcohol.

    Remedy Profile : People for whom this remedy is most appropriate are prone to irritability, stress, and nervousness, and want to be left alone.
    Key symptoms associated with Dioscorea are neuralgic and colicky pains, primarily affecting the gastrointestinal system. The pains are typically severe, cutting, cramping, and grinding, and radiate out in all directions from a central point that may shift location. They may affect the area of the liver, radiating upward to the right nipple. In women, the pains may occur during menstruation. In men, Dioscorea is typically prescribed to treat renal colic associated with kidney stones, sharp pains radiating down the testicles and legs, and cold, clammy perspiration.

    Symptoms Better : For stretching out; for bending backward; for standing erect; for movement; for firm pressure on the affected area; for belching.

    Symptoms Worse : For doubling over; for lying down; from 2 a.m. onward; for eating; for drinking tea.

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