General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

1. If you really want to lose weight, the only way is to eat less and stop stuffing your ________ every five minutes!

2. Personally I don't believe a word he told us because I think it was just a ________ story.

3. It's high ________ we left if we really want to be there on time.

4. He started off from a very simple background and then worked his way up to be President of the bank a genuine ________ story.

5. He'd carefully avoided having any alcohol until he was twenty-five and then he had a small drop of the ________ stuff.

6. She's ________ a high at the moment because everything is going her way.

7. It's very difficult to make him enjoy himself, relax and take it easy because he always behaves like a stuffed ________ .

8. The moment she joined the staff you just knew she was a high ________ and it was no surprise when she got promotion within six weeks.

9. It's always the same when you break one of the rules of the office, she gets on her high ________ and starts shouting at you.

10. I have high ________ that we will succeed with our project in view of all the interest we have received.

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    Pamposh Bhat

    Pamposh Bhat (born September 19, Bhopal, India) is a New Delhi based environmentalist and award winning writer Bhat has been awarded the prestigious Rajbhasha Award for Poetry in 1995 for her work Kshitij Ki Khoj Mein (In search of the Horizon) Active in public life, she serves as the chairperson of the board of trustees for Jwala, a civil society group that seeks to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency in India She is a former member of the governing council of the [Solar Energy Society of India]At present member of Central Electricity Regulatory Commission advisory committee
    Bhat studied at St Josephs Convent at Bhopal and attended the University of Bhopal (now Barkatullah University) where she studied Science as an undergraduate student and was awarded an MSc in Chemistry by the University She began her career at the University of Kashmir as a research scholar engaged by the University Grants Commission on a Phytochemistry research Project She developed a strong interest in environmental policy during her tenure as a researcher and joined the United Nations Asia and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (UNAPCTT) of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific At UNAPCTT she worked to promote the use of renewable energy and environmentally sound technologies in the country During her time at UNAPCTT she also edited VATIS Update a journal of technological developments and events in the field of Nonconventional Energy She is married to a prominent IAS officer of J&K SL Bhat who is currently the chief of JK Public Service Commission Bhat joined GTZIndia, a German bilateral development agency in 2003 Her mandate at GTZIndia was to promote the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in the country and help build a sustainable carbon market in India An expert on climate change and renewable energy policy, she also held position of the country manager of the BMU CMD/JI Initiative in India As an expert on the CDM, she has been retained as a climate policy advisor by the Indian states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and West BengalShe is currently working as an advisor,climate change adaptation Programme,International Finance Corporation,world bank group and is a member of International advisory board of Abengoa,a company in the energy and environment sectors, generating energy from the sun, producing biofuels, desalinating sea water and recycling industrial waste

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