General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

1. May I make another ________ to ask you to explain the situation more clearly?

2. We should be delighted to find out when the new scheme comes into ________ .

3. Hang on, you've given me the wrong ________ . I gave you a ten-pound note.

4. Can I ________ it to you that the delay you have caused is not reasonable?

5. Could you please ________ me in the direction of the motorway?

6. May I ask you whether you have had a chance to ________ my case?

7. I'm very unhappy with the way I've been ________ . No one seems at all interested in my case.

8. Is this ________ for the railway station?

9. I now want some kind of compensation for the total ________ of service I've experienced.

10. How much is the new car ________ to cost me?

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