General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

1. Everything in that shop is now very cheap because they are having a ________ down sale.

2. Before they got married, they decided to open a ________ account.

3. I'm afraid that tree will have to come down as it ________ out the light in the sitting room.

4. There are always special ________ in her tragedies that move you to tears.

5. However hard I try, I find it impossible to account ________ this missing sum of money.

6. Once you are earning money and you want to keep it safe, you can always ________ an account with a bank.

7. The detectives had no problems in solving the crimes as it was clearly an open and ________ case.

8. Many people go to the theatre not to see a play where the plot is complicated but to listen to the brilliant ________ between the actors.

9. You can't compare the ________ of watching live theatre with watching a film.

10. The new musical that has had such bad reviews will ________ at the end of this week.

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    Heat Necessary to Dissolve a Substance

    Other Facts about Heat:
    It requires heat to dissolve any substance, just as it requires heat to change ice to water. If a handful of common salt is placed in a small cup of water and stirred with a thermometer, the temperature of the mixture falls several degrees. This is just what one would expect, because the heat needed to liquefy the salt must come from somewhere, and naturally it comes from the water, thereby lowering the temperature of the water. We know very well that potatoes cease boiling if a pinch of salt is put in the water; this is because the temperature of the water has been lowered by the amount of heat necessary to dissolve the salt.

    Let some snow or chopped ice be placed in a vessel and mixed with one third its weight of coarse salt; if then a small tube of cold water is placed in this mixture, the water in the test tube will soon freeze solid. As soon as the snow and salt are mixed they melt. The heat necessary for this comes in part from the air and in part from the water in the test tube, and the water in the tube becomes in consequence cold enough to freeze. But the salt mixture does not freeze because its freezing point is far below that of pure water. The use of salt and ice in ice-cream freezers is a practical application of this principle. The heat necessary for melting the mixture of salt and ice is taken from the cream which thus becomes cold enough to freeze.

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