General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

1. In the interest of safety the main valve on the machine had to be ________ off.

2. I promise you that dining here will be really an ________ experience for you.

3. The finance director is responsible for ________ the accounts for the business.

4. All the representatives are allowed to spend money for entertaining with their ________ account.

5. We simply didn't know what to choose for our main dish so in the end we made a ________ choice.

6. I must admit that whenever I've eaten at that restaurant, I've always come away feeling ________ satisfied.

7. In order to check all the telephone calls made during the month I want the account to be ________ .

8. To spread the cost of spending on articles you buy many big departments let you open a ________ .

9. I'm afraid that tree will have to come down as it ________ out the light in the sitting room.

10. There are different ways of ________ Shakespeare's plays and each director makes an individual choice.

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    Affected Body Part:
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