General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

1. All the representatives are allowed to spend money for entertaining with their ________ account.

2. The police officer warned us that the road ahead was ________ .

3. To spread the cost of spending on articles you buy many big departments let you open a ________ .

4. The ________ were so carried away with the acting that at the end of the play they all stood up and applauded.

5. If you're really interested, I'm sure the chef will tell you the ________ of that dish.

6. Once you are earning money and you want to keep it safe, you can always ________ an account with a bank.

7. It was one of those plays where the ________ moved at great speed.

8. It can be very irritating when the waiter ________ to bring what you have ordered.

9. As they're special ________ of the restaurant, they always get a good table.

10. The detectives had no problems in solving the crimes as it was clearly an open and ________ case.

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  • Fitness Stretching

    Finger Extensor Stretch

    Arm, Wrist, and Hand Stretches:

    Sit or stand upright. Turn the left arm so that the palm faces up and flex the elbow to a 90-degree angle. Flex the wrist to a 90-degree angle, and flex the fingers so that they are pointed toward the elbow. Place the right hand on top of the fingers and press the fingers down toward the forearm.

    Affected Body Part:
    Most-stretched muscles: Left extensor carpi radialis brevis, left extensor carpi radialis longus, left extensor carpi ulnaris, left extensor digitorum communis, left extensor digiti minimi, left extensor indicis.
    Lesser-stretched muscles: Left extensor pollicis brevis, left extensor pollicis longus.

    Increase the magnitude of the stretch by flexing the fingers (make a fist). Also, the elbow angle does not need to be precisely 90 degrees. Choose a comfortable angle. Some people find that fully flexing the elbow makes it easier to push on the hand. With the elbow fully flexed, the push is more downward than across.

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