General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

1. The success of a really good meal is that not only must it taste good but it should also look good and thus ________ to your eye.

2. I'm sure that computer program you use creates a very good letter design but it's far too ________ for me.

3. A bird in the hands is worth ________ in the bush.

4. When you are going to write an important letter like that, it is absolutely essential that you ________ all the facts first.

5. Quite honestly I cannot trust this particular letter to be sent by post and so I am using the services of a ________ to deliver it for me.

6. If you really want to enjoy the full flavour of that particular meal, you must remember to ________ the right balance of sauces together.

7. Politeness costs ________ .

8. Since that package contains valuable items, you must send it by ________ post.

9. The place was so full of people and tables that the waiter had to ________ us through the crowds to our table.

10. Never look a gift horse in the ________ .

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