General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

1. Their plan was to eat this ________ during the winter.

2. The tortoise agreed that the hare ran as fast as the wind but claimed that he could easily ________ him in a race.

3. The detective story is sometimes called 'whodunit'because the reader has to work ________ who did it, who committed the crime.

4. The hound dog was very ________ about this.

5. As a result you feel as if you are walking in a ________ since at each turning you come to a block end.

6. When he woke up, he couldn't ________ his eyes because there was the tortoise crossing the finishing line.

7. As the plot ________ you find yourself agreeing with one character's solution and then another's.

8. The poor grasshopper ________ he had spent the whole summer enjoying himself singing and dancing.

9. At the end of the race the tortoise, ________ by all his hard work, was quietly slumbering on the line.

10. What made things worse, he continued, was that the house dog never ________ part in any of the hunting.

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