General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

1. Scientists have been ________ through data from an orbiting satellite.

2. When I turned ________ for work on my first day, the hotel had already been flourishing for 5 years.

3. The one hotel that hadn't turned ________ my application was situated right in the middle of a forest.

4. Mind you, once you've landed and you're saying goodbye to the smiling hostess, it's great to know you've ________ .

5. The new owners had had to turn ________ all the rooms which were full of rubbish.

6. Researchers are also looking into the possibility of one day launching a manned ________ to Mars.

7. However, as she told me frequently, she had no intention of turning ________ an old fogey herself.

8. This ________ in the life on Mars argument comes just when it is closest to Earth in 60.000 years.

9. The captain, whose voice is so ________ you feel as if you're sitting at home watching television, starts chatting to you.

10. They ask you if you want to buy things you don't in all ________ want.

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