General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

1. There are certain weaknesses in your plan that need to be ________ urgently if you are to succeed.

2. Your ________ concern is naturally the plan but don't forget your capital or your premises.

3. The biggest ________ in business can be eliminated if you have sufficient capital to start with.

4. George denied everything and said he would ________ any newspaper which dared to print stories about him.

5. Once he was photographed eating in his dining room and the caption read: 'A picture of a ________ eating sausages'.

6. These days I wish I could turn the clock ________ and tell Doris how right she was!

7. Whatever happens in the future there is absolutely no ________ for good market research before you launch a new product.

8. Unfortunately Doris caught me at it. 'Don't you turn your nose ________ at the old dears', she rebuked me.

9. The contract stated that he would never eat any meat ________ .

10. In the end the pressure became too much for George and he confessed his ________ secret.

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