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    Friendship Compatibility between Leo and Sagittarius

    Leo and Sagittarius
    - Friendship Compatibility Profile :

    When Leo and Sagittarius form a friendship, the result can be explosive! Both Signs are dynamic and enjoy life. The friendship is lively and exciting, with each encouraging the other to go for the gold! Sagittarius' philosophical bent provides a distraction to Leo's fascination with the grandiose. These friends have genuine admiration and respect for one another. Both are charismatic and charming; people enjoy being in the energy which this pair radiates.
    Both Signs can be impatient but charming, and Leo may be bothered by Sagittarius' gregarious and flirtatious nature, but their friendship is always exciting. Sagittarius tends to look at the world as a giant textbook open for study, while Leo acts as the gregarious host. Both are interested in talking to other people, but it is important for Leo to feel that they are somehow leading the conversation. Leo is the Lion, the leader, while Sagittarius is the Archer, slowly taking the time to survey their target and to feel the nuances of difference in their approach. Both Signs are usually respected by others, and it's important that remember to treat each other with due respect as well.
    Leo is ruled by the Sun, and Sagittarius is ruled by the Planet Jupiter. Both are masculine energy archetypes, and together they make a good combination -- they understand each other because they're quite a bit alike! The Sun is about Self and Jupiter is about expansion and excess, together providing a personal and outward focus on themselves and the world although, at times, overexerting themselves. They're highly compatible with lots of energy and can be a dynamic duo in any setting or situation.
    Both Leo and Sagittarius are Fire Signs. This tends to be a very heated and passionately enthusiastic friendship. They both have boundless energy and can keep up with each other's drive and enthusiasm. Although Sagittarius may grow tired of Leo's self-centeredness, their differences of opinion won't last long -- Sagittarius has moved on to the next project, and Leo's optimism and need for a fan club overcome any petty disagreement.
    Leo is a Fixed Sign, and Sagittarius is a Mutable Sign. Sagittarius gives Leo the insight and depth they're lacking, while Leo can help Sagittarius fine tune their charm and social graces. Sagittarius may be irritated by Leo's bossiness, shallow vanity and tendency to sulk. However, they are both loyal and devoted to each other, and the rewards when they spend time together far outweigh the minor annoyances.
    The best aspect of the Leo-Sagittarius friendship is its powerful teamwork and mutual admiration when they're dedicated to seeing things through. This duo complements each other with a combined attention to personal and world affairs. They both have their niche within their relationship. Their mutual energy and passion make theirs a dynamic friendship.

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