Vocabulary Examination - Sentence Completion
These tests improve your vocabulary, ability to follow the internal logic of sentences and elimination skill process.

1. Normally distinguished and reserved, Robert would act ________ when he joined his friends to cheer for their old high school team at annual the homecoming game.

2. The ________ she felt for shopping made it impossible for her to walk by a sale window without stopping.

3. The scared boy on the roller coaster made sure his seatbelt was ________ across his body.

4. Tabitha found an overpriced dining table at the antique shop and tried to ________ with the shopkeeper, but he refused to lower the price.

5. We must ________ the information about the agenda changes immediately so that the conference attendees have time to adjust their schedules.

6. When the movie star slipped out the back door of the hotel, the paparazzi adroitly gathered their ________ and raced around the building to catch her.

7. Despite enthusiastic efforts from the supporting cast, the critics agreed the star of the play gave a ________ performance, ruining the chance of lucrative box office sales.

8. After the boisterous customers left the café without tipping, Carlos ________ at them through the restaurant’s front window.

9. The task of building the cabin was a ________ one, but Rob was up to the challenge.

10. The ________ sound of the radiator as it released steam became an increasingly annoying distraction.

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