Vocabulary Examination - Sentence Completion
These tests improve your vocabulary, ability to follow the internal logic of sentences and elimination skill process.

1. During his many years of hard work, Paul was promoted several times and began to rise through the bank’s ________ of employees.

2. The medicine man applied a sweet smelling ________ to the young brave’s wounds.

3. The soldiers received a military ________ to inspect all their vehicles before traveling.

4. Charged with moral ________, the judge was called off the case even though he denied receiving bribes from the plaintiff’s counsel.

5. When we first meet Romeo, he is ________ over his unrequited love for Rosaline.

6. The ________ of our expedition was still so far away that I felt we would never get there.

7. Although Sophie was afraid of heights, she seemed to have no ________ about driving over bridges.

8. Justin’s ________ solution to the problem revealed that he did not spend much time considering the consequences.

9. When the house on the corner burned down, the entire neighborhood ________ together to help to the victims re-establish their lives.

10. Wendell’s prolonged illness was the ________ that ignited his interest in science and led to his illustrious career in medical research.

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