Vocabulary Examination - Sentence Completion
These tests improve your vocabulary, ability to follow the internal logic of sentences and elimination skill process.

1. The cruise ship’s deliciously appetizing dinner buffets encouraged ________ among the vacationing passengers.

2. Must we be subjected to your ________ complaints all day long?

3. If you can adhere to the ________ rules of a military society, the Marines may be an excellent career choice.

4. Paula’s ________ humor does not amuse many people; rather many find it offensive and hurtful.

5. The haunted house displayed ________ scenes in every room, causing squeamish visitors to scream.

6. The massage therapist’s ________ fingers quickly eased the tension in Blanche’s back.

7. Wendell’s prolonged illness was the ________ that ignited his interest in science and led to his illustrious career in medical research.

8. If people continue to ________ the rainforests, soon they will disappear from the earth.

9. The medicine man applied a sweet smelling ________ to the young brave’s wounds.

10. The soldiers received a military ________ to inspect all their vehicles before traveling.

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