Pick the correct synonyms.

1. biodegradable

2. retroactive - relating to



5. flinch



8. louver

9. habitat


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  • Rules to play Flag Football

    Players and Substitutions

    A. Substitutions There will be free substitution as long as players being substituted for are off the field prior to the next snap or are out of the area of play and are departing the field in haste. There will be no Hideout plays. All players must be within fifteen (15) yards of the ball from the time the ball is marked ready for play and the ball is snapped.

    B. Team Roster Players may be added to the team roster up to the championship game, so long as new players have not played on another team and are not on another teams roster. No player may play on more than one team unless you play for a coed team then you are allowed to play for one womens or mans and the coed team. A team should have seven (7) players on the field (a minimum of four (4) to start or continue a game).

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