synonyms - test-06

Pick the correct synonyms.

1. medium

2. laconic

3. exact

4. integrity

5. transfigure


7. DUD


9. inveterate


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  • Basic English Usage
    ➲A compound subject is two or more subjects in a sentence. These

    subjects are joined by a conjunction and share the same verb. The compound

    subject is underlined in each sentence.

    Happy, Sleepy, and Doc knew Snow White.

    The horses and the king’s men could not put Humpty Dumpty

    back together again.

    She and I will go to the dance tomorrow night.

    ➲ A compound predicate (verb) is two or more verbs that are joined by

    a conjunction and share the same subject. The compound predicates are

    underlined in each sentence.

    An experienced pilot studies and knows about air currents.

    All of these cars were made and sold in our country.

    Hearing the exciting announcement, the audience members

    loudly cheered and whistled.

    Note: In the sentence, ‘‘Renata waxed her car, and then she parked it in the

    garage,’’ the two verbs waxed and parked are not compound predicates (or

    verbs) since they do not share the same subject. Renata and she (though

    the same person) are different subjects (in different parts of the same


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