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2. officious

3. WRY

4. equity

5. Integral


7. autistic

8. anticipate



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    Resina piceae
    Pine resin.

    Key Uses:
  • Indigestion, with a knotted sensation and stomach pains after eating
  • Hiatus hernia, gastritis, peptic ulcer

    Origin : Resin from the black spruce (Picea mariana), found in northern North America, from Alaska to Newfoundland.

    Background : The oil distilled from the wood of this tree is used largely in the manufacture of paints.

    Preparation : The resin from the tree is dried and macerated in alcohol.

    Remedy Profile : Low-spirited, nervous people who are unable to concentrate or settle are best suited to Abies nig. They are lethargic and dull by day, yet cannot sleep at night. Abies nig. is mainly associated with a sense of “blockage.” It is often used for indigestion with a knotted sensation, as if an egg or stone is lodged in the stomach. The stomach pain always develops after eating and, in an attempt to relieve the discomfort, there may be frequent belching, possibly with constipation, foul-smelling breath, and mild fever with alternating chills and fever. Tea and tobacco are often causative factors behind the Abies nig. symptom picture.

    Symptoms Better : For movement; for walking.

    Symptoms Worse : For tobacco; for tea; for eating.

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