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1. Pick the correct Antonym :

2. Pick the correct Antonym :

3. Pick the correct Antonym :

4. Pick the correct Antonym :

5. Pick the correct Antonym :

6. Pick the correct Antonym :

7. Pick the correct Antonym :

8. Pick the correct Antonym :

9. Pick the correct Antonym :

10. Pick the correct Antonym :

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  • Homeopathy


    Argentum metallicum

    Key Uses:
  • Arthritis
  • Bleeding between menstrual periods or heavy menopausal hemorrhaging
  • Joint and bone disorders associated with the connective tissues, especially the cartilage
  • Men's reproductive system disorders
  • Ovarian pain, possibly due to cysts or tumors

    Origin : Deposits are widely distributed throughout the world, but are often small.

    Background : This precious metal has been found in ornaments and decorations dating from 4000 BCE, and has long been used to make coins and jewelry.

    Preparation : Ground silver is triturated with lactose sugar.

    Remedy Profile : Anxious, restless, hurried, impulsive people who often act on a whim respond best to Argentum met. When ill, having to concentrate usually makes these people feel worse, and their thoughts are chaotic, so that they constantly flit from subject to subject when talking. Often changeable and deceitful, although normally cheerful and lively, they may be excessively depressed by small upsets.
    Argentum met. is generally used for joint and bone disorders associated with the connective tissues, especially the cartilage.

    There may be bruising pains that bore into the joints, or pulling, cramping pains in the limbs and bones. Arthritis with paralytic pain and weakness may be present. The remedy may also be prescribed to treat nervous complaints involving spasmodic movements and convulsive shocks in the body.
    Disorders of the reproductive organs may also be treated by Argentum met., especially if they are accompanied by thick, profuse secretions of the related mucous membranes. In men, frequent seminal emissions without sexual excitement at night may be treated. In women the remedy is given for ovarian pain, possibly due to cysts or tumors, and for bleeding between menstrual periods or heavy hemorrhaging during menopause. Argentum met. may also be helpful in treating throat inflammation and voice loss.

    Symptoms Better : For wrapping up; for movement.

    Symptoms Worse : For warmth; for sun; for mental strain; for using the voice; for touch; in the morning.

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