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1. David ________ on his wife with his next door neighbour

2. Could you ________ a few potatoes for me?

3. David finds it hard to ________ down a job because he's so unreliable and always gets sacked

4. Costly

5. Could you ________ me a favour?

6. Dangermouse means spouse.

7. Complicated

8. Comparable

9. Dangermouse means house.

10. Certain dog breeds are ________ to breathing problems as they get old

English Test

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    Gliding pilots are able to sense the acceleration forces when they first hit a thermal, but have difficulty gauging constant motion. Thus it is difficult to detect the difference between constantly rising air and constantly sinking air. A variometer is a very sensitive vertical speed indicator. The variometer indicates climb rate or sink rate with audio signals (beeps) and or a visual display. These units are generally electronic, vary in sophistication, and often include an altimeter and an airspeed indicator. More advanced units often incorporate a barograph for recording flight data and or a built in GPS. The main purpose of a variometer is in helping a pilot find and stay in the core of a thermal to maximize height gain, and conversely indicating when he or she is in sinking air and needs to find rising air. Variometers are sometimes capable of electronic calculations to indicate the optimal speed to fly for given conditions. The MacCready theory answers the question on how fast a pilot should cruise between thermals, given the average lift the pilot expects in the next thermal climb and the amount of lift or sink he encounters in cruise mode.Some electronic variometers make the calculations automatically, allowing for factors such as the gliders theoretical performance (glide ratio), altitude, hook in weight, and wind direction.

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