Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles for English as a Second Language (ESL), English as a foreign language (EFL), Teaching EFL (TEFL), Test of EFL (TOEFL), English for speakers of other languages (ESOL), Teaching ESOL (TESOL), TOEIC.

1. Her article was published ________ a magazine

2. He's the ________ person in the world.

3. He's ________ a fool.

4. He's married ________ two kids.

5. He's ________ fool.

6. Her argument was ________ up by a lot of well-researched facts

7. He's ________ lazy.

8. Her main ________ to the plan is the high cost

9. Her photograph was ________ the front page of the evening newspaper

10. He's ________ down since he was made redundant

English Test

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