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1. If you identify someone from a number of pictures, you pick them up.

2. If you keep at something, you don't give up.

3. If you hedge your bets, you risk everything.

4. If you put a line through writing, you strike it out.

5. If you lose interest in something you liked when younger, you grow out of it.

6. If you pick a language up, you learn it quickly without many difficulties.

7. If you like meat cooked for a short time, you like it ________

8. If you lash out on something, you spend a lot of money on it.

9. If you rub something you have written out, you delete it with an eraser.

10. If you rue the day that you did something, you are proud to have done it.

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  • Easy Tricks To Do Professional Makeup

    Get Lashes So Long

    Remove the lashes from the pack and hold them against your eye to measure them against the length of your own natural lash line. False lashes are often too long for your eye, so ensure you cut the strips to fit. If you leave them too long, they will drag your eyes down which will have the opposite effect of the youthful look you are aiming for.
    Now you have two choices: either apply the adhesive on to the full length of the base of the false lashes or, using a brush (Blink & Go has a micro brush especially for this purpose, available from nouveaulashes.co.uk), place dots of adhesive along your own natural lash line before pressing the false lash on to it.If this is all too much kerfuffle, Eylure does ready glued lashes which you can simply peel off and stick on.
    Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the opposite eye. It is very important to wait 30 seconds for the adhesive to become tacky before applying the false lashes.
    Using tweezers, hold the strip lash in the centre. Then place it in the centre of your natural lashes. Then, again using the tweezers, push the inner side of strip lash in place, followed by the outer side.
    Using a 'pinching and push' technique with the tweezers to pinch together the strip lashes and your natural lashes, then 'push' them towards your eyelids. Do this all the way across the lashes and repeat for the other eye.
    Eyeliner can be added if needed, or mascara, but this needs careful application to the natural lashes only. You may find you don't need any other eye make up at all.

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