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1. Like'is a dynamic verb.

2. Jenny was standing ________ the front of the queue.

3. King's College is in ________ Strand.

4. Linking verb'is another way of saying 'dynamic verb'.

5. Lay'is intransitive.

6. Like

7. It's ________ the end of the garden

8. Just three people came

9. Jaffa cake means mistake.

10. Killing someone with intention is ________

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    Sri Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga

    Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva situated at Srisailam in South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.When Shiva and Parvati decided to find suitable brides for their sons, Ganesha and kartikeya argued as to who is to get wedded first. Lord Shiva bade that the one who goes round the world in Pradakshinam could get married first. By the time Lord Kartikeya could go round the world on his vahana, Lord Ganesha went round his parents 7 times (for according to Shastras, going in pradakshinam round one's parents is equivalent to going once round the world (Bhupradakshinam). Lord Siva got Buddhi(intellect), Siddhi (spiritual power), and Riddhi (prosperity) married to Lord Ganesha. kartikeya on his return was enraged and went away to stay alone on Mount Kravunja in the name of Kumarabrahmachari. On seeing his father coming over to pacify him, he tried to move to another place, but on the request of the Devas, stayed close by. The place where Lord Siva and Parvati stayed came to be known as Shrishailam. Lord Siva visits Lord Kartikeya on Amavasya day & Parvati Devi on Poornima. The temple is situated facing East. The center mandapam has several pillars, with a huge idol of Nadikeshwara. Mahashivratri is the main festival celebrated at Srisailam Mallikarjuna Swamy temple.

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