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1. The police tend to do things ________ the book

2. The ramblers sought ________ from the torrential rain

3. The police are ________ into the robbery.

4. The principal part of the meal is the ________

5. The police ________ down everything the suspect said in their notebook

6. The police arrested them at the customs check at the ________

7. The police took them ________ the station

8. The police kicked the door ________ to get into the house where the criminal was hiding.

9. The police quickly had everything ________ control.

10. The Prime Minister ________ said to be about to resign

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  • Famous Indian Scientists

    D Bap Reddy

    Dwaram Bap Reddy is a scientist and administrator who served at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Bap Reddy was among the earliest Indian Reddys to come to United States and arrived in 1946 He received his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, United States in 1950 He served from 1978 to 1982 as the Deputy Regional Representative (Director of FAO with Diplomatic status level) of Asia and Pacific for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations(FAO), the primary world wide nongovernmental organization responsible for food and agricultural issues He served as Acting Assistant DirectorGeneral and Regional Representative (ranked as a Senior National Official equivalent to Acting Deputy Minister, whose equivalent India post is Acting Minister of State of Agriculture with same privileges and immunities accorded to diplomatic envoys in accordance with international law) of Asia and Pacific for FAO in 1980 He was FAO Representative (Director of FAO with rank same as of ConsulGeneral and rank also that of Level 5 of the Washington Executive Schedule) in Indonesia from 1982 to 1986 and also FAO Representative (with the same privileges and immunities accorded to all UN agencies heads) in Nepal in 1987 He served in Diplomatic Status level position for ten years During his service he met various dignitaries, leaders and heads of government Prior to serving with the FAO, he was an active researcher with more than 200 papers and articles to his credit He was directly involved in the establishment of the plant protection counters at Indian ports of entry, a vital element in protecting Indias food supply In 1964 he was appointed by the Government of India to a Ministerial level Committee on the Harmful Effects of Pesticides The Committee was headed by MS Thacker, a Member of the Planning Commission Apart from making many useful recommendations, the Committee advocated the introduction of National Pesticide Legislation
    During the Eleventh Session of the Asia and Pacific Plant Protection Commission which has a membership of 24 countries, for which he was the Executive Secretary, the member nations paid a tribute to his contributions; to quote: Dr Reddy has been a driving force in plant protection throughout the Region For extended periods he has carried out extensively and efficiently a wide range of activities,with little permanent assistance In so as this Committee is concerned he has effectively organized six of the biennial meetings of the Committee as well as numerous projects on plant protection in the Region have received his continuing attention Members of the Committee join in thanking Dr Reddy for being the enthusiast who placed Plant Protection in South East Asia and the Pacific Region in a position where it is now receiving due considerationnvited by The Royal Society of London to deliver a Special Lecture on Food Production(1965)In his honor, the Plant Protection Association of India has instituted a national award, the Dr D Bap Reddy National Award for Integrated pest management, which is awarded annually to entomologists

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